Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sophia Peri

Having Sophia was a breeze! It was an amazing delivery and there were no complications. However, the moment the doctor placed her on my chest, I knew...I just knew, something was terribly wrong. It seemed like she was breathing awfully fast and with each breath her little chest caved in. The nurse took her from my arms and a team began examining her. They proceeded to keep her in my room and this was extremely hard to watch. I had only held her for a second. I had not counted toes, I had not rubbed her head, I had not embraced my child like a mother needs to do. They told me she was not getting enough oxygen and needed to be taken to the NICU. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. They rushed her out and I knew nothing. We waited for hours until the neonatologist came and told us what was happening. Sophia had something called tachypnea. This meant her breathing rate was too rapid. It can also be related to an infection in the lungs. I can't explain the horror of knowing your baby is sick. I kept crying out to God telling him that I would not be strong enough if something happened to my baby. He listened to my cries. He gave me a peace that let me know she would be healed by His grace. Two LONG weeks later, Sophia came home from the NICU. It was Valentine's Day. One of my happiest memories that I have. Sophia recovered fully and is an incredible and smart child. She is so kind-hearted and loves her sister, Mally (which she re-named her) more than anyone. Thank you God, thank you for your incredible healing powers that kept my baby.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Round Two

Phillip and I could not believe that we were pregnant! This was a complete and WONDERFUL surprise! We could not comprehend that Mallory was going to have a sibling. I had an overload of emotion and fear. I was so happy that Mallory would not be an only child, yet, I was scared that I wouldn't know how to divvy my time between two children! I was already exhausted with just one! I had to really trust in the plan that God had for our life. My faith gave me reassurance that everything would work! It had to! My pregnancy was very similar to the first with the exception of size. This baby felt much bigger and I was more in tune with movements, kicks, and cravings! I loved eating pepperoni and bacon! Phillip would fix bacon for me at just about every meal! We found out the sex of our second baby when I was only 16 weeks pregnant. This baby was very cooperative and we were thrilled to find out it was....ANOTHER GIRL!!!
Sophia Peri was born February 1, 2008.


The first year of Mallory's life was incredible. It was a lot of learning for Phillip and me, but totally worth every moment. The pictures above are from her very first birthday! It was a VERY hot day. We had tents set up outside but because it was so hot, we spent most of the day inside. Of course, she had a blast! She made a total mess with her cake and got a lot of presents! Who knew that this would also be a day that Phillip and I would receive a present? After all of our guests had left, and Mallory was sound asleep, we started reminiscing about the previous year of her life and discovered that something was missing from this month. Long story short and two pregnancy tests later...we were going to have another little baby.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mallory Lou

After a long pregnancy filled with happiness, joy, high blood pressure, swollen limbs, and a nice lunch at O'Charley's (which is where my water broke), Mallory Lou was born on June 9, 2006. Although she was born three weeks early, she weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces. She was absolutely perfect. Completely healthy, pink, and crying the sweetest sound you have ever heard. I could go on and on about how wonderful my experience was giving birth. Since it was so amazing I just assumed we would be ready to head home ASAP. I was soon let down when the pediatrician told me that I would be going home without my newborn baby. Mallory's jaundice levels were too high and she needed another night in the "tanning bed." Phillip and I were devastated but knew we had no choice. So, we went home, empty handed, sad, and praying that first thing in the morning we would get to take her home. Our prayers were answered when we arrived at the hospital to discover her levels were normal and we could take her home! God is so good. We came home and began our journey into parenthood. It has been the most amazing journey and I thank God for the opportunity He has given us.

Mallory at one:

Mallory at two:

Mallory at three:

The Best...

From the beginning of my relationship with Phillip, we always talked about how eager we would be to start a family once we were married. I, being an only child, and he, the oldest of five, both wanted a huge family. Little did we know we would get our blessing from God two months after we were married. It was the happiest, scariest, and most incredible feeling! I never expected to get pregnant so quickly. I was talking with a colleague and discovered I had been miscalculating my cycles. I was not only one day late, I was over a week late! I knew instantly that I HAD to be pregnant! I was very tired, emotional, and could NOT get enough of chocolate ice cream. Immediately after school I picked up a test, came home, took it, and before I could even stand up it was totally positive! I was in utter shock! I knew I would only have a short time until Phillip arrived home so I quickly came up with a special way to tell him. I made a big card and wrote, "Because of you and me...this was made..." and I taped the test to it. I also put in an Allison Krauss c.d. (Baby of Mine) and turned up the volume. When he walked in the door I watched his face (as I hid in the hallway). It was amazing to see his world change as I watched. We cried, we laughed, and we became prayer warriors for our little embryo.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am on the bandwagon...

After becoming addicted to reading everyone's personal and family blogs, I decided it may just be time to create my own! I want to preserve my memories for I know one day this will be a precious gift for my family. Where shall I begin? I am married to a wonderful man, who absolutely swept me off my feet. Phillip and I met at college while pursuing our Elementary Education degree. He quickly became my best friend and we were inseparable. After being friends for a few years and officially dating for one, we took our vows on August 13, 2005. We were married in the most beautiful church (not our home church which meant we had to pay out of the wazoo to rent). However, I only plan on marrying one time and I wanted to be married in that church! It was perfect. Our honeymoon was equally perfect! Where did we go you may be asking? Well, there was only one place that two fun loving kiddos COULD GO...DISNEY WORLD! We had so much fun! I would like to mention though, that I DID NOT buy one of those Mickey Mouse hats with a veil. I get so tickled every time I see those! Looking back, maybe I should have gotten one! Haha! When we arrived home, we were ecstatic to begin our lives together. We also had just began our first teaching jobs, me in first grade, and Phillip in fifth. Our life had officially begun, or so we had thought. The best was only yet to come...

My Story

First and foremost I am a follower of Christ. He has given me blessings beyond my imagination. I am an only child with a wonderful mother who gave me everything my heart could ever desire. She also inspired me to become a teacher. It was at college that I met my love, Phillip. We were married in August 2005. He has totally changed my life and fulfilled a void that I didn't even know I had. Three months after getting married we discovered we were pregnant with our first child, Mallory Lou (named after my great-grandfather and grandfather). She was born three weeks early on June 9, 2006. We found out we were pregnant with our second child exactly one day after Mallory's first birthday AND it was Father's Day!!! Sophia Peri (named after Phillip's daddy) was born on February 1, 2008. My daughters make me want to be a better person. They inspire me. I love their innocence and purity. I love the way they can make me feel whole when I feel lost and incomplete. They are my life.
I began this blog as an ongoing diary that my daughters could cherish the rest of their lives. To my two God-given angels, I love you and thank you for giving me the greatest gift I have ever received, parenthood.