Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Last Hoorah!

As a tribute to our last day of summer, we traveled to Tennessee. I really thought this would be an extremely exciting and educational trip. We were up early and actually left on schedule. Our plan was to get there just as they opened so we could take our time and just enjoy the day. The drive was great. The girls were calm and had very few arguments. When we arrived at the aquarium, we couldn't believe the awesome park we were able to snatch. Little did we know, after two attempts and twenty dollars lost, the parking lot machines that print tickets were not working. We had to call the number on the machines and wait on an attendant to arrive all while trying to explain to the girls what patience means. Thirty minutes later, we were refunded our money, given a parking slip, and on our way to see the fish! Let me just say, we covered the ENTIRE Tennessee aquarium (both exhibits) in less than an hour. WHAT!?! 
This is how it played out: 
Mommy and Daddy: "Ohhh, girls! Look at these incredible jelly fish. If you get near one they will...
Mallory: (cutting us off mid-sentence)"That's neat, let's go to the next one."
This was pretty much how the entire trip went. I will say, the highlight was actually outside of the aquarium when they were able to walk through a stream and climb stairs. Hmmm, these little exhibits were ALL FREE. Wish I would have known that before traveling two hours, paying for tickets, and buying toys at the gift shop they will never play with. Next time, we will go to a park. :)

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